Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lesson I have learned while trying to make money online

As you know if you have been reading this blog for a while, my project of trying to figure out how to make money online worked out pretty well for me. Not at all like I expected (a lot of the earning sites others swear by were just too much work for me, and some sites even turned out to be scams!), but I did succeed in the end.

And since I did, I want to share an important lesson I learned in the process: Don’t listen to those who tell you it cannot be done!

You see, when I told people I wanted to start to earn money online, people told me it was impossible, that it would not be worth the time it would take, and many other negative things. I thought they might be right, to be honest, but still wanted to try it out for myself anyway. And now I am so glad I did that! Because it was possible, and I never would have known that if I had just listened to others.

So one of the most important lessons I personally learned was not to listen to what others have to say. If you believe you can do something, you can! Just be patient and smart about any project you take on, and you will get there in the end!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

What I am up to myself

I also thought it might be good to share what I am doing lately, in order to earn some cash online myself. Well, this month, I have set a goal for myself to start several new websites and blogs. I have realized having several blogs is great for a lot of reasons. The main being that your Adsense earnings add up so much faster than if you just try to promote one blog or website.

Most of the websites and blogs I set up are rather niched, since those are the easiest to work with for me.

I have set monthly goals regarding how many sites I should start every month, but since I did not quite reach that goal last month, I will have to work extra hard at it this month! So far it's going according to plan!

How to translate your website or blog into other languages

If you have a website or a blog in English or your native language, it might be an excellent idea to have it translated, in order to reach a wider audience. I have done this myself, with excellent results.

But there are some things you should keep in mind if you decide to do this:

Always use a professional translator or translation agency, or a translator who comes with recommendations from someone you trust. Sadly, there are some bad translators out there too, who don't actually translate but use some kind of automated translation service instead.
I tried The Native Translator the first times I did this, and they worked great. Plus, you can pay them with Paypal too!

Make sure the translator or translation agency you go for actually has experience with website translations, since not every translator has translated websites before, even if they might have other kinds of translation experience.

If your blog or website is a particular subject that not everyone masters, you might also want to consider getting a translator who specializes in that particular field, be it marketing, technical translations or something else. I also try to look for translators who know a little bit about SEO when I can.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Reasons you could get banned from Google Adsense

Google Adsense is, like I have mentioned before, one of the most popular ways for people to start making money online through their blogs and websites, since Google Adsense is generally easy to install and easy to understand.

The most common complaint against Google Adsense, however, is that people say they got banned from the service for no reason. This is why I thought I would list a few common reasons that could get you banned from Google Adsense, since I believe a Google Adsense ban is really not as unfair as most people think.

Common reasons people get banned from Google Adsense include:

Clicking on your own ads.
This is strictly forbidden and Google is really good at noticing if you do. So even if you think you can do this in a way you can’t get caught: Don’t do it! They will know.

Asking others to click on your ads.
This is also another big no-no, no matter if you write something on the site encouraging people to do it, or ask your friends to do it for you. Also when it comes to this, Google has very good ways of seeing when you ask people to click for you, so don’t even try!

Misleading people so they click on your ads by mistake.
Also not allowed, and even if it was, you shouldn’t do it. It is highly annoying after all!

Buying traffic.
Also strictly forbidden, and seriously, not very hard to discover. Buying traffic is generally very stupid too, so why anyone would willingly do this is beyond me.

Using some kind of automated software that automatically clicks on the ads.
Also very easy for Google to notice, so a very, very bad idea indeed.

It may seem like a very convenient way to get a nice blog, but it’s really not.

Making changes to the Adsense code.
This is not allowed, because Google does not want you to manipulate it anyhow. And since they made the code, they WILL notice if you do!

Placing too many ads on your site/blog.
More than 3 ad blocks is not allowed, so stick to the rules.

Blogging about topics that are not allowed.
These include scams, illegal drugs, weapons, PTCs and gambling, just to mention a few examples. Stick to the good topics instead!

Stealing other people’s content.
This is bad, not only because of Adsense, but because of other things too. So never copy anyone else’s content, take the time to write your own instead. Please!

For more information about what is and what isn’t allowed on Adsense, the best thing is to check the user agreement. You will find all the information you need in there!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Worth knowing about Google Adsense/Google Adsense review

Like I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I have Google Adsense on a few of my blogs, and I manage to make a bit of money with it. I've heard many people say that it is impossible to earn anything with Google Adsense, but I don't agree. This is why I thought I would share some of the things I have learned with my readers, in case you are thinking about adding Google Adsense to your blog or website as well.

How to succeed with Google Adsense:

First of all, make sure you understand how Google Adsense works. Not everyone who signs up for Google Adsense is familiar with the rules and what your obligations are. Knowing how Google Adsense works means you should be fully aware of the topics you should avoid, as well as of the fact that it is absolutely forbidden to click on your own ads.

I have always been a stickler for the rules, and I think this has explains why I never had any problems with Google Adsense of any kind. I never clicked on my own ads or tried anything else that was against the rules, for that matter, since I read about how good they are at figuring those things out, no matter how smart you think you are.

Second of all: it takes time to make money with Google Adsense. It probably took me like 6 months before I saw any significant earnings, so if I had given up before that, I would never have gotten anywhere. So even if you don't seem to make money with Google Adsense to begin with, don't give up! You will get there in the end!

These are really the two most important Google Adsense tips I have to share. I haven't tried anything more elaborate than that, I just worked on my blogs, making sure they were optimized (meaning I learned SEO - Search Engine Optimization) and had good content and regular posts. People continued reading them, and some of them did end up clicking on the ads, so it really can be as simple as that!

So despite the fact that there are some bad Google Adsense reviews out there, I highly recommend them. Just remember to be patient and not cheat!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On my “to do”-list: Write a Mechanical Turk review

Even though my current projects are going pretty well, to keep things interesting, I thought I would still review some online earning methods every once in a while, because I totally get that not everyone who reads this blog would be happy with the earning methods I’ve chosen.

And the first online earning method I thought I would review is Mechanical Turk, since I’ve heard a lot of contradicting things about this site. Some people swear by it and love it, while others think it pays way too little to be worth anything.

So of course, I want to find out: Is Mechanical Turk worth it? Is it possible to make money with Mechanical Turk? And what separates them from other sites like Mechanical Turk?
So if you’ve ever wanted to know more about Amazon Mechanical Turk, stay tuned! A Mechanical Turk review is coming up soon!

What is Mechanical Turk?
Amazon Mechanical Turk is actually a market place, where anyone in need of help, can ask others to help them with it. Common tasks on Mechanical Turk are writing gigs, translations and such, but there really are quite a lot of other tasks there as well. Mechanical Turk is owned by Amazon, and you join it in the same way you join their affiliate program (which I am already a part of, and pleased with).

(pic from Vator)

Monday, July 11, 2011

So how is it going for me?

I haven't blogged in a while, but just in case someone is still reading this blog regardless: I have actually managed to make a lot of money online, so again, I have been busy making money, not just writing about it!

And that's quite thrilling, when I started out all I really wanted to do was to find out if making money online was possible or not. And now I know it is!

I still can't quit my job and just work online, but I am not far from it. My own goal for quitting my job is when I make $3000 online every month, and at the moment, I am making close to $2000. So if I just keep doing what I am doing, I should get there in the end.

What makes up most of my income at the moment is content writing and translation for clients, all of which I found through different online forums. So finding some clients to work for, would be my main tip for those who want to earn online.

I also still post on MyLot, which doesn't pay that much, but the little that it does pay, adds up too.

I've also managed to sell several posts on Sponsored Reviews, which also really helps out, and I have several successful blogs that I manage as well. I've placed Google Adsense as well as some affiliate ads on those blogs, and believe it or not: People click on them!

Besides that, I have honestly dropped all other earning methods I've written about in the past, either because they were not profitable enough, or because they bored me.

So if you are also interested in making money online: Believe me when I say you can do it! I did it, and you can too!

All you need to do is to not give up. It took me a really long time to get here (I started this journey a little over a year ago), so if I had not been very patient, I might never have gotten here.

I will still keep writing here, if I can inspire anyone else to give this a try, I would be happy to, but since I am not really trying out new earning methods anymore, I find it hard to think of things to write about. So if you have any specific topics you would like me to write about, please let me know!

Good luck to everyone else with your online earnings! I am going to take a nice vacation in South America with my online earnings later this year. Can it get any better than that?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Long time, no see

Wow, I haven't blogged for ages. But the fact is, I have been earning money online, just not in any new ways, just those that I have already told you guys about. So nothing to tell really, more than that I am still earning online, making some progress and keeping rather busy.

But today I actually tried something new: writing a review for Sponsored Reviews. This is a site that connects bloggers to advertisers, and is basically a market place that helps bloggers find advertisers, who typically buy a blog post from them.

I wrote my first blog post for a client today (quite a while after I joined, so don't get depressed if you do end up joining Sponsored Reviews and do not hear anything for a while), and made a nice amount for just a few minutes work!

(And they pay through Paypal, my preferred payment method too!)

So if you have a blog and would like to make some money through it, join Sponsored Reviews now! I highly recommend it!

(I have to say I did not get the payment yet though, since they pay bi-weekly, but the site does seem legit, so I decided to recommend it already anyway)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Earn more money online by knowing SEO

Knowing SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) can help anyone who has a blog, website or articles on sites such as Bukisa or Triond earn more simply by making small changes.

Learning SEO can seem like a really big project though, so in case you also want to learn the basics of SEO, and do not know where to start, I just want to recommend this article by Sunset SEO, it explains it all in a pretty good and basic way.

(pic from Motionsfloden)

Getting some more time to work on my own projects

Lately, I have been so busy with my clients that I have barely had any time to work on my own projects (blogs, websites etc.). But I did manage to buy one brand new domain, and make some Google Adsense-cash, as well as reach payout on MyLot last month.

During March, I will have much more time to work on my own projects though, so I have a feeling I will be sharing many new ideas here during March. So stay tuned!

(I will also try to set some goals for myself for March, but more about that in a separate post)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Another great quote to keep in mind when you want to give making money online a try

"It's impossible." said pride.
"It's risky." said experience.
"It's pointless." said reason.
"Give it a try." whispered the heart.

My biggest problem with making money online

Is not a lack of opportunities, not scammers or anything like that. By now, I have learned to see through most "too good to be true" opportunities, so I don't waste any time at all on that kind of stuff.
Instead, it is time. I never ever seem to have enough time to do all the online earning related things I wanted to do each day. This is probably because I work full time, have several private clients who I work for, and so on. But it is still annoying that my own projects get much less attention than I would hope. So I have decided to make a schedule of the things that need to be done, every week.

This is the only way to make sure I make progress, and do not just continue in the same tracks I already know are working.

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend, by the way! For me, the weekend has been quite filled with online earning related tasks so far... But remember, that's a GOOD thing!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Great quote!

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.- Albert Schweitzer

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My best tips for succeeding when it comes to making money online

(according to my own experiences so far)

1. Always listen more to yourself than to others. The others, no matter who they are, be it your family or your friends or "experts" or anyone else, do not know what you know, they do not need to do what you do and so on.This is why you always know best, believe it or not! Go with your gut feeling, and if your gut feeling has betrayed you in the past, work on making it better. But never let yourself be talked into things you do not believe in!

2. Have big dreams.

3. Set big goals. Such big goals that they almost scare you. Because big goals are inspirational.

4. Dare to be different. Following the footsteps of others can only take you so far. Do your own thing and you will get further.

5. When everything seems to be going wrong, you feel exhausted and you want to quit: pull yourself together and try again! This might be your big break!

6. Start straight away. Not tomorrow. Not when you have more time. NOW!

Why thinking like a drug dealer will help you make money online

Drug dealers. Most people hate them. But the fact is, if you are into trying to earn money online, you actually have a thing or two to learn from drug dealers. Here is why:

- Drug dealers are very territorial. They keep track of their competition at all times, and fight for their territory if necessary. This is what you need to do as well. You need to know who else is doing what you do, and what you can do to get rid of them or to do things better than them.

- Drug dealers sell products that give users what they want. If you are selling anything, you need to do the same. Sell only what is wanted. It is the best and most lucrative way to do business, and the only way that lasts in the long run.

- Drug dealers make it easy for new customers to try their stuff. You need an influx of new customers all the time. And the best way to get them is to make your stuff look appealing and easy to to try. Do not charge money for every little thing in the beginning, give people free tries and make everything as easy as you can for them. New customers are hard to get, so get rid of anything that might scare them.

(pic from Cartoonstock)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Don't work too hard at making money online today...

Because today is Valentine's Day, and some things really are more important than making money!

Your loved ones, for instance!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
(pic from Alice)

Monday, February 7, 2011

How did it go with my goals for January?

Well, I was supposed to start 3 new blogs. I started 2. And the one I am most proud of is this one.
I did some directory submissions, but not nearly enough.
I did do all the rest though.

So I guess I passed, but not with honors or anything. I really failed at setting goals for February however, it is already the 7th and I haven't even thought about it yet! Will try to set some new goals for February in the coming days though!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One of the most important tips for those with a website or a blog

When I am online, I quite often see a lot of websites or blogs that do not have any contact information.

And it kind of puzzles me, because I think one of the most important things if you are serious about your site is to be able to communicate with both readers, advertisers and other people who might have questions, offers or suggestions.

So if you have a website: Make sure you put your email address or a contact form on it! How else are people who want to help you develop your going to reach you?

(If you do not want to use your real email address for this, you can create a separate email for your blog. And if you are scared of spam, learn how to "mask" your email on the site itself. This will get rid of automated spam but real users will still be able to figure out what your email is)

(pic from Annahallen)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Why I am not reviewing so many new online earning methods at the moment

You might have noticed that I am mostly focusing on things I have already been doing for a while now, instead of trying to find new online earning opportunities at the moment. I am not entirely happy with this, but to tell you the truth... it is all due to lack of time. My life is very hectic at the moment, and I find it hard to find enough time to earn online at all, let alone find new online earning methods.

So don't think I have given up on making money online, because I haven't. I am just struggling with having enough time!

Some goals accomplished

Do you remember how I set some goals for myself for January? I have achieved some of them already. such as writing 4 new posts for my handbag related blog:

and joining a new affiliate network (click2sell, seems really good!), but I still have tons of goals left, so I need to get busy now, in order to reach them all!
(the pic is from Blogtrepreneur)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The real reason most people fail when they try to make money online

It's obviously that they give up too easily. They are not willing to work, work, work for as long as it is required to earn decent amounts of money online. And for most people it actually takes a long time before the big earnings take off.

So never forget that! Do not even think of quitting, that is the only way to know for sure you will NEVER make money online!

Friday, January 14, 2011

New goals for January 2011

Like I told you guys last month, I have decided to start setting goals for myself, in order to make sure I make enough progress each month to reach my online earning goals.
These are the goals I set for myself for January:

- First of all, I want to try to post a new post on each of my blogs (I have quite a few...) this weekend. Quite a big task, but I work hard at updating all my blogs on a regular basis, so it is important to me to do this, and I think it is doable.
- I have also planned to make 3 new blogs (I already have topics in mind), so I want to start those during January as well.
- I want to add 4 of my blogs that do not have so many links into at least 20 different directories for some backlinks.
- I want to write at least 4 new posts for this blog during January.
- I also want to write at least 4 new posts for my handbag related blog during January.
- I want to join one new affiliate network.
- I need to sign up for Google alerts. I can't believe I haven't done it until now!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

How did it go? A summary of my goals for December 2010

As you might remember, I set some goals for myself for December 2010, and now I thought I would tell you how it went.

The goals were:
- Write at least 20 articles for Bukisa.
- Make some more friends on Bukisa (it helps you earn more since those friends will hopefully read your articles)
- Join Clickbank
- Make one minisite (Google the term if you do not know what it is)
- Finish 2 lenses I have reserved at Squidoo, and make 1 new one
- Submit all my blogs to several directories
- Come up with 2 new ideas regarding how I can make money in ways I have not tried yet

Bukisa changed their payment rules, so I have decided to focus less on Bukisa and trying to earn there. This made the first two goals unnecessary. I did join Clickbank, however, but did not like it. So that was kind of useless.

I did make a minisite however, but did not finish the Squidoo lenses, I am afraid.

I did do some directory submitting though, and I did think of 2 new earning ideas.

So I am pretty satisfied with my results, and will set a goal for January 2011 too. I do think it helped me achieve more.

Happy 2011 to all my readers by the way! May you have an extremely profitable 2011!