Saturday, July 30, 2011

Reasons you could get banned from Google Adsense

Google Adsense is, like I have mentioned before, one of the most popular ways for people to start making money online through their blogs and websites, since Google Adsense is generally easy to install and easy to understand.

The most common complaint against Google Adsense, however, is that people say they got banned from the service for no reason. This is why I thought I would list a few common reasons that could get you banned from Google Adsense, since I believe a Google Adsense ban is really not as unfair as most people think.

Common reasons people get banned from Google Adsense include:

Clicking on your own ads.
This is strictly forbidden and Google is really good at noticing if you do. So even if you think you can do this in a way you can’t get caught: Don’t do it! They will know.

Asking others to click on your ads.
This is also another big no-no, no matter if you write something on the site encouraging people to do it, or ask your friends to do it for you. Also when it comes to this, Google has very good ways of seeing when you ask people to click for you, so don’t even try!

Misleading people so they click on your ads by mistake.
Also not allowed, and even if it was, you shouldn’t do it. It is highly annoying after all!

Buying traffic.
Also strictly forbidden, and seriously, not very hard to discover. Buying traffic is generally very stupid too, so why anyone would willingly do this is beyond me.

Using some kind of automated software that automatically clicks on the ads.
Also very easy for Google to notice, so a very, very bad idea indeed.

It may seem like a very convenient way to get a nice blog, but it’s really not.

Making changes to the Adsense code.
This is not allowed, because Google does not want you to manipulate it anyhow. And since they made the code, they WILL notice if you do!

Placing too many ads on your site/blog.
More than 3 ad blocks is not allowed, so stick to the rules.

Blogging about topics that are not allowed.
These include scams, illegal drugs, weapons, PTCs and gambling, just to mention a few examples. Stick to the good topics instead!

Stealing other people’s content.
This is bad, not only because of Adsense, but because of other things too. So never copy anyone else’s content, take the time to write your own instead. Please!

For more information about what is and what isn’t allowed on Adsense, the best thing is to check the user agreement. You will find all the information you need in there!

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