Monday, October 25, 2010

My experience of Tech Doctor Deals - TDD

As you know, I am quite active on MyLot, and I saw that a lot of members there were really excited about a new paid to post forum called Tech Doctor Deals, so last week I decided to see what the fuss was all about, and joined.

In my opinion:
- this site is easy to earn with, the pay for each post is good, much better than on MyLot for instance.
- the forum is very heavily moderated, which means you might not get your posts published, so it is rather easy to waste time here
- A lot of discussions are locked, so there are a lot of discussions you cannot really participate in, which I personally found to be quite frustrating.

After I was a member for a few days, the owners of the forum also changed the rules so that you basically have to be a Premium member on Tech Doctor Deals to get paid. That kind of annoyed me, since that was not the case when I joined.

Now, the cost of the Premium membership on Tech Doctor Deals is not very expensive, it costs $11.99, and I do think it is pretty easy to make more than that there, so a lot of people are still joining, but I personally do not like to pay in order to make money online, so I will not get this Premium Membership on Tech Doctor Deals. I am also still struggling to get my first payout (which I should be able to get from them, according to their rules).

So I cannot really recommend this site. I know a lot of people adore it, but it seems a bit unprofessional to me that they change the rules so much, and I can easily imagine a scenario where they do so again, so that it will be impossible to earn enough for a payout there. So this site did have potential when I found it, but I think it has the potential to turn into something really not profitable very soon.

So if you are an overly cautious person like me, I think it is better to stay away from Tech Doctor Deals (or TDD as they are also known as) for now, just in case. If it turns out to be a very serious site in the future, you can still join of course, but at least there will be more payment proofs and reviews available then!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What sites am I still active on?

So, as some of you know, I have been trying out quite a few things lately, and I thought I would summarize them before I start telling you about new methods.

The methods that I am still using are:
MyLot (which I love! Highly recommended!)
Squidoo (not huge earnings so far, but I think the site has a lot of potential)
The Amazon Affiliate program (see above)
Google Adsense (going well for now, you can check out some of my blogs which can be found through the footer of this blog for examples of ads being shown)
Bukisa (very happy with it! Highly recommended!)

Sites I am not using anymore:
Triond (turned out to be quite the scam, planning on writing about that later, so if you are interested in knowing why I think Triond is a scam, look out for this post soon!)
Linkstoxx. (It seemed great and I even got a payment from them but the whole site is in French so it was a bit hard for me to use)
Kooday (I know people love it, but I never pay to earn, so I never really got started even)
PickyDomains (I still have no idea if this is a scam or not, but it did not give me any results, so I am staying away)