Saturday, February 26, 2011

Another great quote to keep in mind when you want to give making money online a try

"It's impossible." said pride.
"It's risky." said experience.
"It's pointless." said reason.
"Give it a try." whispered the heart.

My biggest problem with making money online

Is not a lack of opportunities, not scammers or anything like that. By now, I have learned to see through most "too good to be true" opportunities, so I don't waste any time at all on that kind of stuff.
Instead, it is time. I never ever seem to have enough time to do all the online earning related things I wanted to do each day. This is probably because I work full time, have several private clients who I work for, and so on. But it is still annoying that my own projects get much less attention than I would hope. So I have decided to make a schedule of the things that need to be done, every week.

This is the only way to make sure I make progress, and do not just continue in the same tracks I already know are working.

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend, by the way! For me, the weekend has been quite filled with online earning related tasks so far... But remember, that's a GOOD thing!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Great quote!

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.- Albert Schweitzer

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My best tips for succeeding when it comes to making money online

(according to my own experiences so far)

1. Always listen more to yourself than to others. The others, no matter who they are, be it your family or your friends or "experts" or anyone else, do not know what you know, they do not need to do what you do and so on.This is why you always know best, believe it or not! Go with your gut feeling, and if your gut feeling has betrayed you in the past, work on making it better. But never let yourself be talked into things you do not believe in!

2. Have big dreams.

3. Set big goals. Such big goals that they almost scare you. Because big goals are inspirational.

4. Dare to be different. Following the footsteps of others can only take you so far. Do your own thing and you will get further.

5. When everything seems to be going wrong, you feel exhausted and you want to quit: pull yourself together and try again! This might be your big break!

6. Start straight away. Not tomorrow. Not when you have more time. NOW!

Why thinking like a drug dealer will help you make money online

Drug dealers. Most people hate them. But the fact is, if you are into trying to earn money online, you actually have a thing or two to learn from drug dealers. Here is why:

- Drug dealers are very territorial. They keep track of their competition at all times, and fight for their territory if necessary. This is what you need to do as well. You need to know who else is doing what you do, and what you can do to get rid of them or to do things better than them.

- Drug dealers sell products that give users what they want. If you are selling anything, you need to do the same. Sell only what is wanted. It is the best and most lucrative way to do business, and the only way that lasts in the long run.

- Drug dealers make it easy for new customers to try their stuff. You need an influx of new customers all the time. And the best way to get them is to make your stuff look appealing and easy to to try. Do not charge money for every little thing in the beginning, give people free tries and make everything as easy as you can for them. New customers are hard to get, so get rid of anything that might scare them.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Don't work too hard at making money online today...

Because today is Valentine's Day, and some things really are more important than making money!

Your loved ones, for instance!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
(pic from Alice)

Monday, February 7, 2011

How did it go with my goals for January?

Well, I was supposed to start 3 new blogs. I started 2. And the one I am most proud of is this one.
I did some directory submissions, but not nearly enough.
I did do all the rest though.

So I guess I passed, but not with honors or anything. I really failed at setting goals for February however, it is already the 7th and I haven't even thought about it yet! Will try to set some new goals for February in the coming days though!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One of the most important tips for those with a website or a blog

When I am online, I quite often see a lot of websites or blogs that do not have any contact information.

And it kind of puzzles me, because I think one of the most important things if you are serious about your site is to be able to communicate with both readers, advertisers and other people who might have questions, offers or suggestions.

So if you have a website: Make sure you put your email address or a contact form on it! How else are people who want to help you develop your going to reach you?

(If you do not want to use your real email address for this, you can create a separate email for your blog. And if you are scared of spam, learn how to "mask" your email on the site itself. This will get rid of automated spam but real users will still be able to figure out what your email is)

(pic from Annahallen)