Monday, August 30, 2010

New site I am trying: Linkstoxx

Ok, so sorry for not posting for a while. But I have actually been trying out several different things. First of all, I've added more articles to Triond, and second of all, I have been trying to find new sites to join.

I have actually found a few, but let me tell you about them one at a time. I want to give as much information as I can, so that people out there who read this can figure out if to go for a money making method or not for themselves.

The site that I joined a couple of days ago, after having heard good things about them is Linkstoxx.
Linkstoxx is fairly similar to Facebook, even though I guess you are not going to invite your real friends to Linkstoxx (if you have friends like mine anyway, they are not even remotely interested in making money online. They think it is not even possible to make money online and make fun of me for trying), so you might want to find some new money making friends once you are there instead.

You basically get points, that then turn into cash, when you add a friend, join a group or do any of those other Facebooky things.

So far I like Linkstoxx, but it has a big disadvantage, and that is that it is in French. So if you really know no French and don't know how to use Google translate, this might not be for you. But otherwise you should be fine, a lot of the people on Linkstoxx do not seem to know French at all.
It doesn't seem like you can make huge amounts though, but I guess it depends on how active you are as well.

More about the other methods I am trying later, I want to try each thing for a while so I don't recommend something fishy.

Friday, August 27, 2010

A tip for article writers

As you know, I have been writing for Triond a while, and while I am pretty happy with the results, you can always improve them, right?
Triond pays you per page view, so the more people read your articles, the more you get paid. So I had the idea of submitting my articles to some social networks, and that really worked like a charm for me!

The page views increased a lot, so now I will make it a habit to submit all my articles and all my sites to sites such as Stumbleupon (the one that gave me the best results by far) and Delicious. It really makes it so much easier to earn!

So if anyone else is writing articles, I really recommend checking social networks out. I will try to find some more as well, as soon as I have the time. And of course I will report on the ones worth submitting to.

Have a wonderful and profitable weekend, all earners!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another thing that didn't work for me

So since the point of this blog is not only to brag about stuff that works for me, I also want to share the sites I joined, but wasn't too pleased with, with you. Today that happened. I joined a site called Kooday, which I had heard good things about, but I did not know that you are required to pay them money to get started.

Out of principle, I don't want to pay any site any money to start earning with them, so I think I will forget about Kooday for now. But if anyone else is interested in Kooday, you can read more about them here. It is supposed to be a legitimate earning program, it just did not suit me!

Book review: The 4 hour workweek

I recently got the book The 4-Hour Workweek, Expanded and Updated: Expanded and Updated, With Over 100 New Pages of Cutting-Edge Content.
because I thoght it might be an interesting and useful read for me, now that I am trying to make money online and work less. I was a bit dissappointed with the book though, it was very inspirational, but I didn't think that I got enough concrete advice from it. I know a lot of other people love this book though, but it wasn't really for me. So now I have moved on to read books about online marketing instead, even though I do plan to read some inspirational books on the side too.

Besides that, both my Triond projects and MyLot is going well. I am also getting some more clicks on my ads on my different blogs, which is great!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Making progress!

Just wanted to tell you guys that I checked my AdSense account recently, and while I have been kinda anti-AdSense for a while, I was pretty surprised to see how much my blogs alone had made in just a few months. And I was even more surprised to see that people who read my articles on Triond actually click on ads there too!

So Triond is really looking good for me at the moment.

I have been considering dropping MyLot, because it is not passive income in the same way the money you make on Triond is, you really need to work for every cent, but to be honest... I enjoy posting there so much that I will stick to it for a while anyway. As long as you are having fun, why not?

And a message for those who believe making money online is impossible: I have managed to make a lot of progress during the short time I have been trying to earn a bit online, and I think it is definitely doable, as long as you are patient and are willing to work a bit for it. Many of the things online turn into passive incomes after a while. You just need a bit of inital work, and then some things run smoothly by themselves.

So I can definitely recommend a project like this to anyway. I have managed to buy several things online (mostly on Ebay) and withdraw a nice bundle of cash from my Paypal account to my regular account thanks to my little ideas, and I work full time and don't spend too much time on this, which means that anyone can do it.

Just don't expect miracles and for thousands of dollars to fall on you overnight. That doesn't happen!
But smaller amounts do...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Something that didn't work out

Ok, so to be fair, I can't just share things that worked for me with you. I also want to be as honest as possible, and share stuff that did not work.

I joined a site called PickyDomains a while ago, and while the idea seems like fun (you are supposed to suggest domain names for companies who have trouble with coming up with some of their own), nothing happens there. I spent quite some time on this site, but it does not seem like I will get paid for it.

Maybe my suggestions just weren't good enough, but it kind of bothers me that I am not getting any updates on what happens with my suggestions.
I am not saying PickyDomains is a scam in any way (I have heard good things about them after all), but this is not a way to make money online that suits me at least.

So this weekend I will try to look into some other new ideas I have instead.

Have a nice and profitable weekend, everyone!

Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm busy... making money online!

No news during the past days, even though I do have some new ideas, that I might share with you as soon as I try them out. I have been working for my private clients during the past days, and I also published some more Triond articles, which was fun. (I haven't really made any money from Triond yet though, but people tell me it takes time, so I will be patient!)

So I'm doing pretty well, but these things keep me busy, so I don't really have much time to blog.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A great week!

This week was pretty good for me. First of all, I managed to find another private client, who needed some articles written for his site, and thanks to that, I managed to make over $300 this week! (I already got paid, so even though this is a new client, I know he is reliable)
I found this client by accident, when I visited his site that said he was looking for writers to write new content for his site. I sent the guy an email, and that was it. A deal was made, and I managed to make over $300 in just a week!

So if you are also looking for private clients, just keep your eyes open when you visit other websites, and send an email to potential clients, and you might just get lucky.

Having a few regular clients has really been a good idea for me, since I don't have to spend a lot of time looking for new clients myself. If you manage to keep your clients happy, they will get back to you on a regular basis and you will have a constant stream of work, without actually doing that much.

I do freelance work as a writer, but this method works for people who are not writers as well. Whatever skill you have, someone might be willing to pay for it, so be creative, brave and learn to sell yourself, and you can do this too!

Besides my private clients, I have been active on MyLot this week as well. And I also joined Triond, and wrote my first article for this great site, that is said to share 50 % of any money they make off your articles with you, on a regular basis. I got the idea of joining Triond on MyLot, and while I haven't gotten paid yet, I did write one article that got accepted, so I am pleased. As soon as I get paid, I will report on it of course, to let you guys know it is a legit site.

Meanwhile, you are all welcome to visit my Triond profile here.

Have a great weekend, everyone!