Monday, August 30, 2010

New site I am trying: Linkstoxx

Ok, so sorry for not posting for a while. But I have actually been trying out several different things. First of all, I've added more articles to Triond, and second of all, I have been trying to find new sites to join.

I have actually found a few, but let me tell you about them one at a time. I want to give as much information as I can, so that people out there who read this can figure out if to go for a money making method or not for themselves.

The site that I joined a couple of days ago, after having heard good things about them is Linkstoxx.
Linkstoxx is fairly similar to Facebook, even though I guess you are not going to invite your real friends to Linkstoxx (if you have friends like mine anyway, they are not even remotely interested in making money online. They think it is not even possible to make money online and make fun of me for trying), so you might want to find some new money making friends once you are there instead.

You basically get points, that then turn into cash, when you add a friend, join a group or do any of those other Facebooky things.

So far I like Linkstoxx, but it has a big disadvantage, and that is that it is in French. So if you really know no French and don't know how to use Google translate, this might not be for you. But otherwise you should be fine, a lot of the people on Linkstoxx do not seem to know French at all.
It doesn't seem like you can make huge amounts though, but I guess it depends on how active you are as well.

More about the other methods I am trying later, I want to try each thing for a while so I don't recommend something fishy.

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