Friday, August 27, 2010

A tip for article writers

As you know, I have been writing for Triond a while, and while I am pretty happy with the results, you can always improve them, right?
Triond pays you per page view, so the more people read your articles, the more you get paid. So I had the idea of submitting my articles to some social networks, and that really worked like a charm for me!

The page views increased a lot, so now I will make it a habit to submit all my articles and all my sites to sites such as Stumbleupon (the one that gave me the best results by far) and Delicious. It really makes it so much easier to earn!

So if anyone else is writing articles, I really recommend checking social networks out. I will try to find some more as well, as soon as I have the time. And of course I will report on the ones worth submitting to.

Have a wonderful and profitable weekend, all earners!

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