Saturday, August 7, 2010

A great week!

This week was pretty good for me. First of all, I managed to find another private client, who needed some articles written for his site, and thanks to that, I managed to make over $300 this week! (I already got paid, so even though this is a new client, I know he is reliable)
I found this client by accident, when I visited his site that said he was looking for writers to write new content for his site. I sent the guy an email, and that was it. A deal was made, and I managed to make over $300 in just a week!

So if you are also looking for private clients, just keep your eyes open when you visit other websites, and send an email to potential clients, and you might just get lucky.

Having a few regular clients has really been a good idea for me, since I don't have to spend a lot of time looking for new clients myself. If you manage to keep your clients happy, they will get back to you on a regular basis and you will have a constant stream of work, without actually doing that much.

I do freelance work as a writer, but this method works for people who are not writers as well. Whatever skill you have, someone might be willing to pay for it, so be creative, brave and learn to sell yourself, and you can do this too!

Besides my private clients, I have been active on MyLot this week as well. And I also joined Triond, and wrote my first article for this great site, that is said to share 50 % of any money they make off your articles with you, on a regular basis. I got the idea of joining Triond on MyLot, and while I haven't gotten paid yet, I did write one article that got accepted, so I am pleased. As soon as I get paid, I will report on it of course, to let you guys know it is a legit site.

Meanwhile, you are all welcome to visit my Triond profile here.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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