Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My best tips for succeeding when it comes to making money online

(according to my own experiences so far)

1. Always listen more to yourself than to others. The others, no matter who they are, be it your family or your friends or "experts" or anyone else, do not know what you know, they do not need to do what you do and so on.This is why you always know best, believe it or not! Go with your gut feeling, and if your gut feeling has betrayed you in the past, work on making it better. But never let yourself be talked into things you do not believe in!

2. Have big dreams.

3. Set big goals. Such big goals that they almost scare you. Because big goals are inspirational.

4. Dare to be different. Following the footsteps of others can only take you so far. Do your own thing and you will get further.

5. When everything seems to be going wrong, you feel exhausted and you want to quit: pull yourself together and try again! This might be your big break!

6. Start straight away. Not tomorrow. Not when you have more time. NOW!

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