Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My goals that will help me make (more) money online for December 2010

Sorry for not blogging much, but I have had so much work for my private clients (content writing, translations) that I simply have not had the time to look into other ways to make money online. (But hey, I still manage to make money online by having these clients, so that's actually a good thing!)

But in order not to forget to learn new things as well, I have decided that I need to start making "to do"-lists regarding my online earning projects every month.

So I present to you... my first "to do" list, this is what I want to achieve during December 2010:
- Write at least 20 articles for Bukisa.
- Make some more friends on Bukisa (it helps you earn more since those friends will hopefully read your articles)
- Join Clickbank
- Make one minisite (Google the term if you do not know what it is)
- Finish 2 lenses I have reserved at Squidoo, and make 1 new one
- Submit all my blogs to several directories
- Come up with 2 new ideas regarding how I can make money in ways I have not tried yet

We will see how it goes! I will share my success or my failure with you guys of course!
(And if I really do not well, at least I will be motivated to get 2011 off to a great start!)

I wish all my readers the best of luck with their online earning projects!

1 comment:

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