Saturday, December 18, 2010

New opportunities due to Page Rank update

I noticed that the Page Rank on some of my blogs (I have more than this one) has been updated recently (which surprised me a bit, since I thought Google did not update Page Rank anymore), so now I have some blogs with really good Page Rank!

Not only is this nice, because it shows that I am doing something right, but it could also mean new ways to monetize them, since it will be easier to get people to advertise on the blogs now.

So if any of you are blogging to make money online, you should know that it is possible, but getting results in form of really good Page Rank takes time (one of my blogs went from being Page Rank n/a to Page Rank 4). So do not give up on your blogs too soon!

Now I just need to get a better Page Rank on this blog too...


  1. Whoa! How could you be on PR 4? Would you teach me?

  2. It is all about how many backlinks you get Clarissa! So start working on getting links to your site!