Monday, December 13, 2010

A bit dissapointed with Bukisa

Bukisa, a site that I was previously pretty happy with, emailed me yesterday to tell me that they have switched over to Adsense revenue share as their payment model. This is a bit dissapointing to me, since I actually preferred the old model, where you got paid based on how many people viewed your article.

The reason I'm dissapointed is that I prefer to diversify my online income, and I already have some Adsense income. Also, it is nicer to get paid directly to your Paypal account and not through checks (Adsense pays through checks they send you in the mail only), especially considering that the banks where I live charge money when you cash in foreign checks. But oh well, I guess there isn't really much to do.

I am just kind of bummed that these sites change their rules so often. I still haven't decided if I should continue writing for Bukisa or not. I guess I should wait and see how much my Adsense earnings are first...

Are any of my readers active on Bukisa? If so, what do you think of the change?


  1. I am totally shocked. Does that mean, Bukisa is not going to pay through Paypal, ever? How awful. But today when I checked the Earning section in my dashboard, I noticed that my earning is still increasing with number of visitors here. I haven't associated an adsense account yet. May be the old system is not replaced yet. I am so close to my payout.

  2. I actually don't mind this switch all that much, but I can understand that you think this is a bad thing. Bukisa is for me just a place where I republish my articles, and my income isn't very high on there. Also it is taking me forever to reach payout on Google Adsense. Maybe this way, I'll be able to cash out on Adsense sooner.

  3. Biswajit: The old system is in place for 30 more days (after the change was announced) so you can still earn with the old method for a while. But all Paypal earnings will stop sometime during the middle of January, I think. You should have gotten a mail from Bukisa about this.