Sunday, January 2, 2011

How did it go? A summary of my goals for December 2010

As you might remember, I set some goals for myself for December 2010, and now I thought I would tell you how it went.

The goals were:
- Write at least 20 articles for Bukisa.
- Make some more friends on Bukisa (it helps you earn more since those friends will hopefully read your articles)
- Join Clickbank
- Make one minisite (Google the term if you do not know what it is)
- Finish 2 lenses I have reserved at Squidoo, and make 1 new one
- Submit all my blogs to several directories
- Come up with 2 new ideas regarding how I can make money in ways I have not tried yet

Bukisa changed their payment rules, so I have decided to focus less on Bukisa and trying to earn there. This made the first two goals unnecessary. I did join Clickbank, however, but did not like it. So that was kind of useless.

I did make a minisite however, but did not finish the Squidoo lenses, I am afraid.

I did do some directory submitting though, and I did think of 2 new earning ideas.

So I am pretty satisfied with my results, and will set a goal for January 2011 too. I do think it helped me achieve more.

Happy 2011 to all my readers by the way! May you have an extremely profitable 2011!

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