Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tips for those who want to make money on MyLot

I've already mentioned my membership on MyLot, and the fact that I like it so far, so I thought I would share my best tips regarding earning money on MyLot for those interested in trying out this method in order to make money online:

You can make money on MyLot in several different ways
You can discuss stuff, by replying to excisting topics or starting your own discussions.
You can also submit photos to the site, in order to make a bit more.
You can also perform different tasks in order to make even more.
You can use the search engine on MyLot (instead of Google, for instance) to get some bonuses.

I have not uploaded pics to MyLot yet, but I have participated in discussions. If you take part in discussions, the best thing is to make as much sense as possible, because that might mean that you get chosen as the best reply in that particular discussion. I am pretty sure that means you also earn a bit more for your reply.

You should also try to write long replies, since these seem to pay you a bit more. Some users suggested over 6 lines or more, but I think that is a bit too much in most cases, my own goal is at least 4 lines per reply (I don't always manage to live up to that though, but at least I try!).

If you start a discussion it is also good if you reply to those who give you answers to your question. Not only because this is common sense (hihi!), but also because you get paid a bit more for it.

As for tasks, I tried completing one, but the task was rejected by the guy who wanted the task done. He claimed it was plagiarized (which it was not! And I would not be surprised to see my original article posted somewhere soon), so I did not get paid for the task. I also could not discuss it with the guy, so writing an article for him was really a waste of time. So personally, I will stay away from the tasks on MyLot and just focus on the discussions instead!

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