Saturday, June 19, 2010

Make money online on

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been trying out the online money making site MyLot for the past few days. I actually like MyLot, it is a fun site where you can discuss almost anything that pops into your head (except how much money you make on the site, apparently, that seems to be frowned upon), with other MyLotters from around the world.

I think it will be hard to make huge amounts on MyLot, but I have managed to make several bucks in just a few days, which I think is pretty good, especially since I did not actually work for it in a very serious way, all I did was to post replies to questions such as "How much do you donate to charity?" and "Do you like wearing jeans?", which really is fun and simple enough.

When you have made $10 on MyLot, your earnings will be transfered to your Paypal account. The transfers are made once a month, I think, so I will try to make the remaining amount that I am still lacking before the end of the month.

While you won't exactly get rich on MyLot, I think it is completely possible to make around $10-$20 every month by MyLotting (I joined in the middle of the month and I am pretty sure I will make the $10 limit by the end of the month), and possibly even more if you do the so called tasks that are available on the site, besides discussing in general. So I think I will keep discussing on MyLot for a while, $10 or $20 a month is still an income online, and it does not take too much time, so why not?

(A post with my best MyLot tips for those who want to make as much money as possible on MyLot coming up soon!)

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  1. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! I see we have a lot of common goals :) If I find anything thats really great I'll let you in on it!!

  2. Hi Nick! Great to hear, thanks for stopping by here too! Look forward to reading more of your stuff as well!